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SWARC License Award Decision Statements

Licensee Diversity Plans

Each mobile and retail entity that is awarded a license through SWARC’s competitive process must submit a diversity plan to SWARC within 30 days of its license award. Click below to view these plans.

Map of Designated Licensees

Click here to view a map showing the locations of the entities that were designated by law to offer retail sports wagering. The map also shows the exclusion zones around each location, within which other sports wagering facilities are prohibited by law, as well as enterprise zones and opportunity zones. Use the search bar at the top left to enter an address to see whether it is located in any of these zones. The map is for reference only. Final determination about whether an address is located in an exclusion, enterprise or opportunity zone will be made by SWARC.

Maryland Lottery and Gaming Sports Wagering Page

Click here to view the Sports Wagering section of Maryland Lottery and Gaming’s website ( In its regulatory oversight capacity, Maryland Lottery and Gaming is responsible for conducting criminal and financial background investigations of all sports wagering applicants to determine their qualifications for licenses. Maryland Lottery and Gaming also drafted, and ensures compliance with, the state’s sports wagering operational regulations and produces monthly reports on sports wagering revenue.